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90th Anniversary


90th Anniversary Birthday Celebration.

The 90th birthday celebration for A&W was a success. Congratulations again to the contest winners and a special Thank You to the A&W corporate dignitaries who attended. Thanks as well to the many sponsors. It would not have been possible without everyone’s help. There was a little cake left but it was our pleasure to serve thousands of our fans and patrons our special Root Beer flavored birthday cake. What could possibly top this? World Record Float for the 80th, VIP contest and cake for 5000 for the 90th….See you in ten years for the 100th Birthday, you haven’t’ seen anything yet.


Meet The VIP Winners!


April Anderson won the National contest with her winning essay on why she wanted to visit Lodi the Birthplace of A&W. She wanted to win the trip for her mother Mary, whom she is bringing.

Lucy Molinary won the Lodi contest by entering the local drawing at one of the entry sites. Lucy is bringing her husband Scott.

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Our 90th Anniversary Celebration was made possible with help from the following Sponsors;